Loose canon… written on June 22, 2010

They call me a loose cannon… I call them “target”
To be deep is what I choose… canyon
As bright as a star gets
As opposed to being dull
Like others I know, that are as cheerful as a skull
For the system, won’t slave
I’m the one that will be doing a dance in my grave
Truth hits at them from all over, tsunami
Tidal wave
Dead men tell no tales… they say
I’m breathing, so I must be alive I guess
Which means that it’s my duty to stand up today
I’m bleeding these words, less
For the sake of trying to impress
Than to address
Speak my mind… and bravely express
Myself… and point of view
Not afraid of the three fingers that point back at me
Every time that I point at you
Loose cannon
Poetic and artistic insanity in excess
At its best.


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