Sad people… written on June 24, 2010

Sway the right way, while going wrong
Delivery’s weak, but his talk is strong
What’s the point?
To talk lip? Impress?
To act, walk and talk slick, but the reality is that you repress
That which you need to express
The right to ‘speak your mind’, against ‘pleasing them’ takes second place
That’s not right?
For a man not to be able to hold his own, stand his ground… or, if necessary
Dignity’s hidden like a shadow in the night
That’s what you get for conforming to the system, being ‘proper’… a piece of the puzzle
Like a dog roaming the mean streets in a muzzle
I pity these people
Who always look up to others
And will never know how it feels  to be better… or even
Sad people.


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