Shee…written on June 21, 2010

It gets deeper… wider
It’s a good feeling… to know that I can confide in her
She’s always been there
Even when I thought she wasn’t
When I thought I’d kicked her out of my life completely
Self righteously so
But just like before… I again fell for her
That unfortunate incident, years ago… her mistake
‘My’ piss take
Could not be forgiving
My hard headedness, probably as a result of hard living
Feeling like I was ‘gangsta’
She loved me and all my ‘rasta’…
And I wasn’t empathetic enough to accept an apology
Turned her politely away, silently insulting her with vulgar street terminology
I was a prick
So we grew apart quick
But still remained friends
Though feelings between us rendered us ‘strained ‘ friends
Until it got real
Had to accept how I feel, and forgive her
And that fondness rekindled
Into that which it was
Pause… fast forward… some dumb person posts a
Comment on facebook, afraid that I’d lost her
Scary… but it opened my eyes after so long
To realise, with ‘Shee’ is exactly where I belong.


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