S’nuts… written on July 8, 2010

I want to shoot someone
I want to shoot myself
I need just one gun… one
Two bullets would really help
I want to push you over a bridge
I want to fucking hang myself
Lion fighting off crocodile
Insanity? Or mentally versatile?
When thoughts force themselves into your head
Instability, in and out of bed
When the fine line between what’s sane and what’s not, becomes a grey area
Wouldn’t you rather be dead?
Really though?
You could turn your imaginary place into a play area
Just sort of “go nuts”… macadamia
Walk around with your head held high
Saying “I’m going to slay me a… dragon today”
Or smack the stripes off a zebra, then head butt a giraffe
Enough!… shit, I’m beginning to scare myself
Next time I write a poem
I should fucking prepare myself

*I just let my mind wander… now you know why they refer to us as “literary gangsters”

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