Streetelligent… written on July 8, 2010

How many people saw an apple drop before Newton?
And probably named it something else…
Like “blaaaah”?
Who came up with the idea of wishing upon a shooting star?
Another man
Another scar
Forever visible, on the skin of an independent thinker?
Man made ideologies, either complimenting
Or suppressing personalities
Do not let education ruin your originality
Do not
Be sucked into mob psychology
Like dogs
Pick that which is beneficial to you
To the rest
Yes, be skeptic
Not everything they teach is true
An education is one of the most important things a man can do
I mean ‘can get’
See? Right there? I messed with you
And turned a fact into a much more ineresting read
I owe that to being educated
Also to the fact that I think out of the box
These words, I don’t ‘write’
I ‘feel’, I ‘bleed’
Education is overrated, and at the same time underappreciated
Makes no sense?
It’s not supposed to
I’m just saying that I’m not opposed to
The idea of learning something new
As long as it is something you want to do
Or something beneficial to you
At the same time, not everything they tell you is true
Self education is more of what I do 
These days
Change these ways, the system put in place
Stay intelligent
Mind’s independently placed
Knowledge, creativity, confidence… straight face
I call it ‘streetelligent’.


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