Tastes fine… written on May 6, 2010

I do not usually indulge in “red”
Mostly white or crystal clear
More than a sip, something like a big bite I take… yes, I miss my beer
But this is like… a taste of paradise
This… I like
As suggested by hammered eyes
It’s seductive… like a mirage deep in the desert
It’s like a fair step on a steep hillside, pleasant
Those that indulge in it together, are birds of a feather
It’s like a sly friend, “there for you” no matter the weather
Then smacks you upside your head the following morning
It’s like a trumpet in your head, and your voice of reason following… moaning
“oooh…why didn’t you stop when you realized morning was dawning?”
Now a headache is spawning
Your hung over, your eye
Just as red
As what it is I’m drinking… It’s wine.

*Just drinking and thinking aloud….


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