The end of the desert… written on July 1, 2010

A walk through thirsty land
Breathe… step… breathe… step
Dunes of towerring, rusty sand
With each step, breathe… step
No rules, no lanes… no need to ‘keep left’
Or walk in any particular direction… but that which you choose
Too hot by day to play, by night… too cold to snooze
It is beautiful, in an evil way
Impressive, but can kill
It giveth less than it taketh away
That bone piercing, nightly chill
It’s getting closer, time grinds teasingly on
The dunes seem to get taller, teasing the sun
Whose heat, direct from sky to forehead
Squeezes my pores…
Breathe… step… breathe… breathe… step
And robs my body of its last bead of sweat
Breathe… breathe… breathe… step
Attempt to swallow saliva… feel like I’m gurgling on glass 
Breathe… stop
No tree… open land… sea of sand… parched
Try to reassure myself, in a raspy monotone
Wish for one thing right now, not water… chlorofoam
So I can pass on, and not feel it
The desert’s friends are up and about in the dark, cheering “Kill it! Kill it!”
I try to ill will it… try to hold on
But this warrior of nature’s choke hold, grip… proves too strong
To fight
So… tonight
I decide “It’s over, I’m gone”
I can hear the afterlife call
Out to me
Pick myself up… Breathe… step… stumble… fall.


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