TOO RANDOM written on May 5, 2010

I’m random, I know
But random is something that I appreciate being… and that’s why I grow
As I maximise my verbal flow
Without thinking, much more powerful than speaking
This written stuff never fails to show
That I can go… to lengths
No poet has ever gone before
More for the sake of being real to myself, than for show
Different is how I go about it
Hard to concieve just how I would ever be able to flow without it
This ‘random’
This thing that I do
As I put forward my thoughts to you
Always true, never overdone
I would emphasize on two true points, before I ever trip over one
Infact, I would never trip over one
Because I don’t lack this… thing they call skill
Product of a combination of practice… and ill will
Crazy is what some may call it
Phase me?… No, none may foil it
My plan
Still remains greater than
The majority… words dripping with controversy and personality
On another level, who’s talking equality?
I don’t overthink
And still express it to the brink
My idea
With no fear
Get it clear
It’s real poetry going on right here.


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