When God Speaks… written on May 6, 2010

A cold warmth
A warm cold
A comforting embrace from the Almighty
A reassuring gesture that shouldn’t be taken lightly
When God talks, He needs no words
Even on long walks, the journey becomes less hard
When He takes your hand, and walks you through
As long as you stay real, sincere and true
He drops you hints, a subtle clue
And watches… when you winced, He knew
A warm cold
A cold warmth
The wind around speaks of blessings bound
To come
Inspires you to meditate… to hum
And fear, it shrinks up like washed up cotton
Your destiny is so on point, you’re “spot on”
As much as the last few steps to the peak may seem hard
Remember… when God speaks to you, He needs no words.


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