Fallen godess… written on December 6, 2011

Her’s is a story
One worth a listen
She’d walk past
And man how she’d shine… how she’d glisten
A beauty of sorts
In street lingo… ‘hot’
She’d have tongues in knots… nervous men
Dry throats
But her story does not end so well… she blew it
Problem was, she was hot as hell… and she knew it
Her ego was big, and still this girl grew it
Her response to advice was usually “screw it”
If it was bad and immoral you bet she would do it
Her actions eventually caught up with her
She did not just ‘get slapped’ by life… it beat her
It hit her with sense
Too late though… she seems to die by the day
By the booz, by the drugs
She misses her mother’s affectionate hugs
Her mother disowned her
After her first pimp claimed he owned her
Now she wakes up by chance
Smells death all around her
Sad story for one who was once goddess intense.


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