Get it?… written December 6, 2011

Swim deep and walk on water
At the same time
Makes no sense to to you?
Its not supposed to
Make sense… to you
If you don’t get it
If this reads fluid to you… and you don’t sweat it
Ironic… innit?
But that means you were meant to get it
To understand
That it takes a certain type of mentality
To soar high… bravely… Pterosaur
And not Ostrich… head under sand
We shall continue to preach revolution
An old, but evolved  resolution
Until we die
And even beyond the grave
We shall continue to haunt that which we stand against
Free that ‘slave’
From the ills of society
And stand up for one another
Be a father, a mother, a sister, a brother
To your loved one, your comrade, their guidance… their radar
And we shall always be an asset, a benefit
To one another.


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