Kenya, the pride of Africa…. written on January 24, 2012

Whether it happens next… or this year

The vote

In memory of the last time I shed ‘this tear’

And wrote… a piece

For the blood that flooded the streets

When in vain we sought

For calm… for peace

In a situation that was out of our control

A raging fire that almost engulfed and burnt all

When we all watched our motherland fall


When darkness threatened to blind all… or most…


When a neighbour would suddenly become a stranger… a ghost


Incited by the devil’s seed


Brothers, sisters overcome by evil… greed

The same one…

That would then start a war… civil

And feed… off it

I, one individual Kenyan plead

That this time we say no to violence

We ‘off it’

Let the disgruntled nurse his frustrations in silence

No blood for ‘office’

And let us not get coaxed into foolish acts

To ourselves, we owe this

Let hatchets be buried away with the bones

Old ghosts can’t haunt us

I shed a tear for peace this… or next year

Deaf ear to he that tries to taunt us

‘Make the right choice’

I hope I reach many

And many hear my one voice

But this message cannot just be spread by me… so its ‘we’

We can do it, and God wills it

Let it be

That we journey toward serenity

To a better tomorrow… come with me

The best way I can encourage my brothers and sisters

Is through poetry

For as a country and a culture we are destined to soar sky high

Thus… ‘the pride of Africa’

We should always be



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