Thank you… written on January 12, 2012

Detached, heartless


Reattached, ‘Jah bless’


Full speed ahead

Clear view

Wipers, windshield

Can’t work with the rear view… mirror

I write, kill them dead


Let them say “Dude, the verse… you murdered it!”


But still I… wonder if they got the message

Wonder whether or not they feel ‘I’

Whether or not they got what I wrote

Do they think of me as the ‘blacksmith’ that hit the iron ‘while its hot’…

Or not?

Write up a sword, Wordsmith… real thought

Pulling at my mind from both sides

Really taught

In their hearts, will they reserve a spot…

For that which us poets wrote?

Or for the messages they feel we brought…


Did we succeed in pointing their moral compass upwards… north?

It would be disappointing if they read, moved on and forgot

For we aim to provoke thought

Intelligence is put to better use when wisdom is sought

Against the odds, we’ve fought

Expressive vigilance was sold to us… we bought

Free as the winds… set sail our boat

On a sea where storms are rife

We chose to stay afloat

Stay true

So if you’re still reading thank you, for giving me a few minutes of your life.


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